AYA Yeoman

(£45) Gun No Longer Available

Darn, too slow! This AYA has already gone!
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  • 12 gauge Shotgun
  • Side by Side
  • Used - Average Condition
  • Cast: Right Handed
  • Ejection: Non-Ejector
  • Trigger: Double
  • Barrel Length: 28"
  • Choke 1: Full Choke
  • Choke 2: 1/2 Choke

Mick Vokes Guns (Trade Seller)


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14 1/2 pull to the front trigger
Some cabinet marks in the blueing and some in the wood
Showing 99% of its original colour case hardening
Mint bores
70 mm ( 2 3/4 inch) chamber
Brilliant entry level side by side



Production (Rails LTS v2.3.18.24)