Webley & Scott BARGAIN Bolt action Garden gun

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  • 9mm Shotgun
  • Single Shot
  • Used - Poor Condition
  • Cast: Ambidextrous
  • Ejection: Non-Ejector
  • Trigger: Single
  • Barrel Length: 25"
  • Choke 1: Skeet
  • Choke 2: -

Mick Vokes Guns (Trade Seller)


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Not sure if you will Be man enough for the MONSTER RECOIL from these bad boys !!
In years to come these could be worth MILLIONS ! Eh Rodney
13 5/8 pull on both
£55 the pair or £30 each
Both could do with refinishing the wood
Both have reasonable blueing


Production (Rails LTS v2.3.18.24)