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  • Used - Very Good Condition
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stephen (Private Seller)

Marlow, Buckinghamshire

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This is believed to be Dianas first air pistol, and the markings are MGR which was the makers name before the name changed to Diana. The production date is c 1892 to c 1914. The pistol was made of good quality material, the air cylinder forming the handgrip. It was cocked by pulling the piston downwards by means of a stud projecting below the butt, facilitated by a special key. Once the piston had been retracted far enough, the nose of the simple pivoting sear projected into the piston chamber far enough to hold the cocked piston in place. When the trigger was pressed, the sear nose pivoted out of the chamber, the main spring pushed the piston up towards the transfer port, and the pellet or dart was propelled out of the barrel at inconsequential velocity, it must be said, but the gun works quite well for what it was. A removable screw in plug, sealed with a leather washer gave access to the breech for loading, a system that is still featured by many guns today. I have had two keys made as can be seen in the photos. The ring is easily detachable with an Allen key . The barrel is 17cm long and the oal is 19 3/4 cm long. The weight is 1lb 4oz. The pistol is in full working order and is in original and unrestored condition.


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