Baikal 12 Bore Sporter


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  • 12 gauge Shotgun
  • Over and Under
  • Used - Average Condition
  • Cast: Right Handed
  • Ejection: Ejector
  • Trigger: Double
  • Barrel Length: 28"
  • Choke 1: 1/4 Choke
  • Choke 2: 1/2 Choke

James (Private Seller)

Hitchin, Hertfordshire

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There are plenty of jokes about these. But whether or not it's made of recycled tractors and/or is the ideal tool for knocking in fenceposts this gun has served me well. I bought it about ten years ago when I first got my certificate and used it for about six months before I bought my Browning.

I got it secondhand but it felt like new - it took a good few months before it closed easily so I don't think it had seen much use.

Since then it's been out of the cabinet about five times for roost shooting in the woods where its short length comes in handy.

It's in decent condition. The finish on these things was never exactly brilliant in the first place but for the sake of clarity:

-Very slight surface rust on the trigger guard.
-Very slight marks to blueing at muzzle.
-Very obvious discolouration on the stock where I foolishly left a rubber extender thing on while it was stored. See pics.

I wouldn't bother selling it but I'm about to move out of my house for six months of building work and it will cost me more to store it than it's worth!

Face to Face only please.


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