Ruger No 3

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Ruger___3 Ruger_no_3
  • 0.223 Rifle
  • Falling Block
  • Used - Very Good Condition
  • Cast: -
  • Scope Make: Unknown
  • Scope Magnification: 2 x 9

john (Private Seller)

dover, Kent

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RFD at your cost, if you want to view please send an image of your valid FAC first.
223 Rem, Ruger number 3 with a Redfield widefield scope, please note this is not the scope in the picture.
It comes with a couple of 100 cases mostly remington with some PPU, various bullets including about 90 cast 55 grn with gas checks, about 90 55 grn soft points some 55 grn fmj bt and about 600 50 grn barnes varmint grenades which I bought after trying a sample, no exit wounds and jelly for internal organs has been my experience. 3 shot groups of under 1 moa at 100 metres.
Rifle has 22" barrel but looks tiny because of the short action.
Included in the sale is a set of 4 Lee dies which I bought new last year. I only neck size the brass.
I'm pretty sure the twist rate is 1 in 10", it certainly stabilises the varmint grenades which are copper with iron powder inside and are much longer than 55 grn lead core bullets.
I'm selling due to cardiac problems.


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