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  • 16 gauge Shotgun
  • Side by Side
  • Used - Average Condition
  • Cast: Right Handed
  • Ejection: Non-Ejector
  • Trigger: Double
  • Barrel Length: 28"
  • Choke 1: -
  • Choke 2: -

Tristan (Private Seller)

Wellington, Somerset

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Midland Gun Company SxS 16ga DTNJ. Dating from circa 1941 at some point in its life it has had a professional stock repair, this was clearly done a long time ago and is absolutely solid. It was recently serviced and tightened on the action by UK Gun Repairs and it now feels like a new gun. Plenty of life left in it.

28 barrels, 2 ¾ chamber, Nitro proof. 14 ¼" stock. A lovely light gun for walked up shooting.

£150 ONO will RFD at cost to you

Important note - This gun has tight chambers making it a little finiky about cartridges. It does better with paper but you quickly get used to telling as you put them in whether you have a problem.

I am selling up due to stopping shooting I am willing to make (sensible) deals especially if buying multiple items and I have for sale a whole range. If anyone wishes to make an offer for everything (and I mean everything guns (W.Hensman 12g SxS Russian TOZ63 16g Hammer gun Midland Gun Company 16g SxS and a gifted Beretta 685E that needs a little work), slips, cartridges, safe, cleaning kit the lot) then something in the region of £820 would seal the deal. So a good rough/walked up/game starter setup with everything you need and a few esoteric guns for the cost of a second hand o/u.


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