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  • 410 Shotgun
  • Single Shot
  • Used - Average Condition
  • Cast: Ambidextrous
  • Ejection: Non-Ejector
  • Trigger: Single
  • Barrel Length: 28"
  • Choke 1: -
  • Choke 2: -

Mick Vokes Guns (Trade Seller)


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14 1/2 inch pull
3 inch chamber
Where do I start
Will come with 50 cartridges ( collection only )
The blue forend was a limited edition ( it did have a red and white stock)
These were supplied to the sandringham estate keepers to right Royally diminish the rabbit population , Donald trump and Jeremy Corbyn were offended by the patriotic/ racist implications so they were replaced
What an incredible bit of English history
Errrrrrrrr some of the above text might have a bit of artistic license
But it is a 410 and it has a blue for End


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