Types of shotgun for sale

In the UK, there are three primary types of shotguns that you will see for sale. These are the ones which are predominantly used for clay pigeon, driven game and vermin shooting. Unlike a car, a well looked after shotgun will hold its value exceptionally well. Collectors pieces are likely to appreciate in value, but for any shotgun there tends to be minimal depreciation provided it is kept in very good condition with no pitting in the barrels, or marks on the gun.

Over and Under Shotguns

Over and Unders are the most popular sporting shotguns in the UK. For most shooters, the first gun they will buy is an over and under. Typically more affordable than comparable side by sides there are over and unders produced for every budget, this results in a greater choice for the purchaser than any other shotgun type.

At the budget end of the market, a second hand Baikal with ejectors can often be picked up for less than £150. With a slightly larger budget, Lincoln and Lanber are two affordable makes to consider up to about £650. Beyond this, and consider looking at Berettas and Brownings, as they are the market leaders. Along the spectrum, Bettinsoli, Miroku and Perazzi are other makes to consider.

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Side by Side Shotguns

The first shotguns to be made were side by side, and even today for many they are still favoured for shooting driven game. This is primarily due to tradition rather than any particular merit of the side by side shotgun. There are fewer makers who produce side by side shotguns compared to over and under shotguns at every level except the most expensive exclusive end of the market where the finest English gunmakers of Purdey, Holland and Holland and William Evans ply their trade.

At the budget end of the market makes to consider are again Baikal, but also the Gunmark Kestrel. Various models of AYA are popular in the mid-range, with price depending on model and condition. If you are looking for a new gun then consider a side by side shotgun from Turkish gun maker Yildiz, it is one of very few new side by side shotguns that you can get for under £1,000, and is priced upwards from £500. Above this and you are looking for a better model of AYA or alternatively there is a much greater range of choice of guns from a wide variety of English makers, such as Webley & Scott, Atkin and William Powell. At this stage you are reaching some of the finest guns made, and it is down to personal preference and taste, as to whether you will go for one of the more prevalent gun makers or something rarer.

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Semi-Automatic Shotguns

Although the safety aspect (not knowing when the gun is broken) means that Semi-Automatics are rarely seen at clay grounds or driven shoots they are often the weapon of choice for the vermin shooter. When pigeon shooting the ability to not have to break the gun to load cartridges, the extra shot and the less fancy nature of the gun mean that semi-automatics are very popular. At the cheaper end of the market, the Hatsan Escort has become extremely popular since being introduced to the UK market. If well maintained the Hatsan does every thing that is asked from it for a very affordable price around the £350 mark. The only risk with owning one is smart comments from gun snobs, but that can be justification in itself for having one!

Fabarm and the Remington 1100 in particular is the second hand market are well reviewed. Above this, Webley, Berretta and Browning guns will feature more prominently.

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Other Types of Shotguns

Beyond this there are two other types

Pump Action Shotguns have an appeal due to the unusual action for cycling cartridges. Functionally they are inferior to the semi-automatic shotgun, however, they certainly have fans. Mossberg and the Hatsan Escort are again popular choices but Winchester and Remington should not be overlooked if you have a slightly more generous budget.

Hammer guns are historic pieces, dating from an obsolete cocking action of pulling back the hammer, for enthusiasts they can be entertaining, particularly when combined with black powder cartridges. Maker wise there are few on the market and the cheapest can be picked up from £100, but for a fine piece, expect upwards of £1,000.

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