Selling your gun online advice

If you are thinking about selling your gun on the internet, then we have produced this simple guide, with tips and advice on achieving the best sale price. As a private seller on Gun Watch you can list one gun for sale per year for free. If you are a gun trader please contact us, as we can offer you great deals for selling your guns on Gun Watch.

Whether you are selling a shotgun, rifle or air rifle, the principles remain the same when listing a successful advertisement. To achieve the best sale price for the gun, the advert should have the following:

  1. Photographs of the gun. Pictures are very important when selling a gun. The advertisement will get a lot of views when it is first put up, and so it is important that photographs are added when the gun is first listed for sale. The photographs should also be high quality, and well lit, showing any damage on the gun if relevant.

  2. A good description. This is your chance to tell the buyer about the gun. It is a good idea to include a reason for sale, history of the gun, dents/scratches, and any further information such as a gun slip or cartridges included in the sale.

  3. The right price. When selling your gun it is important to set the price correctly, for doing this, scan through some of the guns for sale on Gun Watch. Do also check the Private Gun Sales section on Pigeon Watch, by doing a search for the model of gun you have for sale. Be sure to price it in the same ballpark, taking into account condition and accessories.

  4. Pigeon Watch enquiries. Once you have listed your gun on Gun Watch it will automatically be listed on the very popular Pigeon Watch forums. Members of Pigeon Watch may reply to the Pigeon Watch listing – your gun will appear as a new topic in the Private Gun Sales section on there, so be sure to check in on it, it’s also a good idea to have a Pigeon Watch account as well, so that they can contact you via Private Message using those details too.

Registering an account on Gun Watch is easy, and takes a few minutes to do. Why not read our guide and short video on how to sell your guns on Gun Watch If you have any problems with this, please contact us:


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