Lewis Richards True Lefty Boxlock non ejector

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  • 12 gauge Shotgun
  • Side by Side
  • Used - Poor Condition
  • Cast: Left Handed
  • Ejection: Non-Ejector
  • Trigger: Double
  • Barrel Length: 28"
  • Choke 1: 1/2 Choke
  • Choke 2: 1/2 Choke

Mick Vokes Guns (Trade Seller)


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14 1/4 pull to the front trigger
Sleeved 2 1/2 inch (65/7 mm) chambers
I’ve never seen a true lefty side by side
The front trigger is set over to the left side of the gun
Semi pistol grip
Proofed .729 in both
Still measures.729
Stock pinned at head , not the best job I’ve seen but not the worst either
No visible cracks anywhere
Really good entry level side by side
Bargain really


Production (Rails LTS v2.3.18.24)