Ruger No 1

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Ruger__1 308_bore_scope_pic Ruger_no
  • 0.308 Rifle
  • falling block
  • Used - Excellent Condition
  • Cast: -
  • Scope Make: Zeiss Rifle Scopes
  • Scope Magnification: 1.5 x 6

john (Private Seller)

dover, Kent

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Before entering into any discussion, if it's not by RFD at your cost I won't even reply unless your contact includes an image of your FAC
Ideal stalking rifle, 26" barrel, comes with about 200 primed cases, about 175 bullets (speer 165 grn btsp and ppu or S&B 147 grn fmj) set of 4 Lee 308 dies including neck size die. Brass is federal 308 win and european 7.62x51 with reamed primer pockets.
Heart problems force sale as I can no longer manage to carry back any animals I harvest.
Scope is good to 300 yards on paper, never had a hunting shot that long.
It has one scratch on the butt from the lip of my ******** gun safe.
I can consistently shoot moa 3 shot groups with 165grn spbt and 147 grn fmj reloads and 155 grn bthp factory ammo, from a table at 100 metres.
The Zeiss scope is in pic 1 in the stainless rings. The other scope is on my other rifle and isn't part of this sale.
I've included a pic of the bore taken from the breech end, I only have a cheap and nasty chinese bore scope.


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