Tikka TX3

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  • 30.06 Sprg Rifle
  • Bolt Action
  • Used - Mint Condition
  • Cast: -
  • Scope Make: None
  • Scope Magnification: 6-24x50

Paul (Private Seller)

Bexhill, East Sussex

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Tikka T3x 30.06 stainless synthetic rifle. Superb condition and only shot 10 rounds. It comes with a superb A-Tec Hertz moderator and a Athlon Helos BTR
6-24x50 illuminated scope. Comes with standard mag and an extended one. Also has a bipod and sling. Superb price of kit to together and only up for sale as I just dont use it. Absolutely perfect condition and I have probably 100 rounds providing I dont get silly offers. Its a good price for all this together.
Located near Battle East Sussex. Can rfd if needed. Pictures not the best I know but can take more and Email, but it genuinely is superb.


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